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While PET bottles and containers can be used for storing a wide variety of products and beverages, they are used most extensively for packaging water, or mineral water. It is essential for the human body to have sufficient water for proper functioning, so people have to drink water daily. Most experts recommend that a person should drink at least 1.8 litres of water daily to remain healthy. Not drinking sufficient water can cause multiple health problems

At home, most people have access to clean drinking water from the tap, which they may filter using a water filter. Offices usually have water for their employees. However, when travelling or outdoors, it is often difficult to find a safe source of water. In some cases, the water may be contaminated with bacteria or other harmful microbes which can cause dysentry and other ailments.

So most people prefer to drink packaged mineral water when outdoors, if they are not carrying water from home, since this water is considered safer. Many of the water sellers test the water for the relevant safety standards before selling it. The packaging of the water bottle usually will mention the quality standards to which the water complies with.

While carrying drinking water from home can help to save some money, it is often inconvenient. Compared to clothes and most foods, the density of water is high, so the person has to carry the additional weight of water. So many prefer to purchase drinking water at their destination instead of carrying it from home.

Additionally the water in the bottle will start smelling after some time, if it is not consumed immediately. So carrying water is inconvenient since it has to be changed periodically and the water which is not used has to be thrown.

Some people are reusing the plastic bottles they have for carrying water. It is observed that the smell of the water will vary to a great extent, depending on the material which is used for the plastic bottle.

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