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One of the main reasons why PET products are very popular is because they are cheap, light weight and non-toxic

Most of the PET products are manufactured by blow moulding, and the manufacturing process is simpler and cheaper compared to other manufacturing processes like injection molding. The cost of the molds and machinery required for making the pet products is also cheaper.

Another reason why pet is used for bottled water and other products is because it is light in weight. Though the thickness of the PET in the pet bottle is less, it is usually sufficient for the life of the plastic bottle, usually few plastic bottles are leaking

Many of the plastic products use lead and other chemicals during manufacturing, due to which they are toxic and cannot be used for storing or packing food products. In comparison the Food and Drug Authority in various countries has certified that PET is safe for food

Though the quality and manufacturing process for pet bottles may vary, the PET bottles are usually safe for food and drinks provided they are not heated.

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